Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Secret of MegaTasking - Revealed!

Just had a chance to talk to Henry from the A company, to understand the funky terms - MegaTasking ...

Q: What is multitasking?
A: The running of two or more programs in one computer at the same time.

Q: Then what is the different between MegaTasking and multitasking?
A: MegaTasking has some similar sense with the multitasking, but it is more than just computing?

Q: Can you elaborate further?
A: Sure! .The MegaTasking is about convergence. While our competitor is/was talking about the computing, networking and communication convergence, we aim much higher. It converge almost everything for your daily life stuff. For what you do in the living room, kitchen, laundry, neighbor, society, lan party, (342 words omitted). With our sophisticated design, advanced process, brilliant individuals, smart executives, enormous fanbois base, (1178 words omitted) ...

Q: So ...? What is it has anything to do with the living room? are you talking about your 'Live' stuff?
A: Nope, more than that.

Q: Is that so?
A: Yup, the moment you turn on the MegaTasking in a living room, you got a PC and heater.

Q: What if it is summer?
A: Err ... you just turn your living room to a Sauna Spa.

Q: ... then the kitchen?
A: With a proper casing, you just got yourself an oven. You can look at the screen for the recipe and bake the cake at the same time!

Q: ... ... then the laundry?
A: Just put your wet clothes close to the fan, it will instantly dry. Better than most of the commercially available clothes drier!

Q: ... ... ... then the neighbor?
A: What's more fun than directing the noise to your stupid neighbor that use our competitor's product? I'm sure our fanbois base would love this.

Q: ... ... ... ... and anything else?
A: What's even more fun than 'legally' disturb your opponent with noise and heat in lan party game competition?

Q: ... ... ... ... ... and some more?
A: The MegaTasking is a innovation for someone innovative. Think of it for few minutes, i'm sure you can list out more than what i have said.

Q: ... ok, anything else to say?
A: Yup, our MegaTasking is fast.

Q: How fast?
A: It can consume 1 MegaWatt in just 41 days consider full day usage. Our competitor not even close to that.

Q: What about the computing speed?
A: Sorry, I gotta take a whiz ... bye.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Joke of the Day

Quote from
In making the announcement, AMD executives said that even at 90 nanometers and 90 watts, its chips, on average, consume half the power of an Intel Core 2 Duo. But Athlon's power consumption will drop even further, AMD said, with the 65-nm chips that will run at an average 65 watts.

Wow, the AMD executive hiring criteria is able to lie without the eye blinking? :)