Thursday, July 03, 2008


It has been quite a while since my last post. It is actually more than a year! I have been commenting mostly in Roborat64's blog instead of working of any of own posting. I also tried once posting in AMDzone using the name p4nee (some special meaning in Chinese :)) teasing on their double standards , but got banned at 7th post, because i returned back a same word to some one that implied on me. I have stopped posting since after, why I have to let those fanbois control my ability to post?

Nevertheless, I still visit that site for some jokes (believe me, they are! :)), and once a while Scientia's blog too which is getting less commenter now. Some of the jokes there are just too outstanding and thus I decide to keep them here. Below is the first one, and there will be more to come when i have time to dig out some of their older thread or find some new one. Enjoy! :)

From AMDZone

by abinstein on Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:00 am

Maybe I'm just naive but I don't think nVidia's problem is AMD's gain. AMD's #1 enemy is Intel, which anyone with a clear mind knows that it plays leaps and bounds dirtier than nVidia or any company on earth. If nVidia becomes weaker, it will bow lower to Intel's monopoly force, which in the end hurts AMD and the whole industry.

X86 is an instruction that should've been gone long ago but got life-supported by Intel's monopoly tactics. Now Intel's trying to put x86 into graphics? Please guys, if not for x86, with the same engineering effort the industry has put into PC, we could've been running 4-5GHz Power6-like CPUs on our desktops! Lets still hope nVidia and its GPGPU gets enough momentum to stop Larrabee.

by abinstein on Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:06 am
Woofermazing wrote:My memory is pretty vague, but wasn't Intel planning on having Itanium filter down to the desktop, and then AMD foiled that with the Athlon 64?

I believe AMD supported x86 for a good reason: they got a very good implementation (at that time) of the ISA, K7, which runs faster and scales better than any other implementation including Intel's P6 at that time. With any other instruction set (Power, MISP, EPIC, ...) AMD would've been non-competitive at all.



Anonymous said...

Those posts make perfect sense to me...

Only an intel zealot would write such utter crap and then post it on a blog mwhahaha.

Why do you guys love intel so much? Honestly go and get yourselves a fuck and grow up.

Bloody ten yr olds.....

Anonymous said...

I have special chinese words too.

[b]We hate you fucking gooks and will nuke you at the slightest chance.[/b]

Fuckin commos.

SPARKS said...

Whoa! Pointer these are the commentators on your blog? It seems the AMD Fanboys are getting their asses kicked so badly they have nothing better to do than spew vitriol.

AMD has lost 4.94 Billion
Every stepping/iteration of Barcelona has fallen on it ass.
The once highly touted native quad core can barely best a plain Jane Q6600
The heads are rolling out the door of AMD; others have turned tail and run.
They are about to lose the lead the server market with Nehalem.

What are they going to do when AMD goes belly up?

That one idiot calling us bloody ten year olds, sure knows how to write like one.

AMD simply makes garbage, and they know it.

Too bad.


pointer said...

Blogger SPARKS said...
Whoa! Pointer these are the commentators on your blog? It seems the AMD Fanboys are getting their asses kicked so badly they have nothing better to do than spew vitriol.

That's ok. I do not really care those bad words as long as those are not targeting people around me. :)

Ho Ho said...

I wonder who would like to use Power 6 in their desktop? Their TDP is 200W+ and they only perform good in Spec because of insane memory bandwidth. If bandwidth isn't the bottleneck on other systems Core2 with half the clock speed easily beats it.