Friday, November 10, 2006

Funny Q&A

I just come across this funny Q&A that I really can't resist to put it into my blog, so that may be some one can decode what the answer 'really' means :)

excerpt from the INQ interview with the AMD guys

INQ "That brings the question of drivers. AMD has been a staunch supporter of Linux, while many users of ATI had a hay-ride with drivers for Linux operating system. Nvidia, as the prime competitor has support of Linux community, while every once a while we hear news about petitions to ATI, drivers not working as intended."

Phil "AMD is driving the industry to an open world, and we focus our strengths and with combined approach, achieve what's best for development of the industry around us. All ISVs are important for us."

Btw, just had a conversation with my friend, asking him how he feels about the current national politics, and he said that that his son is almost 3 year old and ask me how's my son. I answered that the table is made out of solid wood.

Found another jokes from dailytech

When asked if AMD has any concerns that its users may choose Intel processors if supplies of AMD chips run dry, DiFranco responded, "We don't expect our users to jump brand. Their loyalty comes from many years of dedication, and they're a sophisticated group. We think they will stay loyal over the long term; they're better served by sticking with AMD technology."

What a marketing guy! Anyway, a side thought here: if most AMD executive think the same, then AMD is soon to be in trouble, as one commenter at that site has said my mind:
and isnt that the same mentality that hurt intel? I love AMD but intel is back for now so why would i stick to amd in the coming time.


ashenman said...

Luckily, AMD's execs aren't very similar, and this evident in your own article. Phil forgets what the question is (that was such a bad dodge, I'm sure he just got caught up in his own rhetoric), and DiFranco is able to point out that Fanboys do exist, and that customer base isn't all about performance (at least, he technically does, because he points out that many are concerned with consistency and reliability, and he does have Dell). Either way, they're not going to be specific about the channel, because who would talk about bad news in an interview? They're business owners, not stupid. Every company that has ever existed has dodged the question and tried to remove concerns aimed at current inadequacies. I don't see why this is funny enough to make a post about (unless you're just that desperate for something to write).

pointer said...

I don't see why this is funny enough to make a post about (unless you're just that desperate for something to write).

well, just see how many blogs i have posted since July then you know how desperate i am :) I stated that it is funny just because i think it is funny.